Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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The Guiding Light – our Prof Raja Shekhar Sir


God took the fragrance of a flower ,

The majesty of a tree ,

The greatness of morning dew

The calm of a quiet sea ,

The beauty of the twilight, ,

The soul of the starry night

The laughter of a rippling brook

grace of the bird in flight

Then god fashioned from

these things a reation like no other,


And when his master piece was through He simply called it “ Teacher”


Great teachers don’t just teach, they are mentors, advisors, role models, guides and above all, shapers of great human beings. And such a great teacher no less from what described in the above lines is present among us. He lays open the book of life from where we learn things that subjects cannot teach us. I feel honored by the presence of such a wonderful teacher .He is dynamic. He is an apostle of love and compassion.


He is none other than our beloved Prof Raja Shekhar Sir. For the students, he is an ideal teacher. For the teachers and his colleagues, he is an ideal leader. Above all, he is an ideal role model. He is like a guiding force for all the students inspiring them with his successful life. He instills among the students a sense of confidence and strength.


I fall short of words to explain his influence on me and my research. In him, I have realized a guide, a mentor, very good motivator, a good friend for life and more than all a complete human being I can look up to. As said by Alexander the great “ I am indebted to my parents for living but to my teacher for living well” Even I am encouraged by his vigour, vitality and enthusiasm. Flushed with zeal , I one day , wish to become a great person like him. I think with his blessings, this dream of mine surely become true.



“ A Very Happy Teachers Day”



Devi Prasad Maruvada

05.09.2011 Research scholar

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